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Cash in at your local Kid's Closet Connection sale.


Twice a year, families like yours have the opportunity to clean out your own kids' closets and make money on items your children have outgrown. Our sales are set like a department store and draw in thousands of shoppers looking to purchase top quality children, teen and maternity clothing, baby equipment, toys and more! 


With Kid's Closet Connection, you avoid the hassles of having a garage sale and the frustration of posting on Craigslist and Facebook swaps.  We provide a clean facility, workers to run the sale, advertising and accountability to help you sell your kids items. Consignors make 65-70% of the selling price (less a $12.50 consignor fee.) Join us as a helper and make even more money.  


Participating as a consignor is both fun and easy! Just register, select a drop off time, price and tag your items in the comfort of your home and then drop them off at the sale. Consignors also get to shop at our special consignor presale to get the best selection and the best prices. At the end of end sale, you can pick up your unsold items or donate them to charity. The best part: we mail, email or electronically deposit your check within 7-14 days after the sale.  Check with your sale owner on how funds are dispersed to consignors. 


Quick Links:  

Seven Steps to Consigning

Consignor Registration and Tagging Tutorial.













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