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Stephens County, OK

November 03, 2020 - November 07, 2020


2002 S. 13TH STREET
Duncan, Oklahoma 73533

Meet Your Sale's Owner


Casie Johnson - - Stephens County, Oklahoma


Casie Johnson’s Kid’s Closet Connection franchise adds up to well-placed dollars and sense.


A former accountant in the oil industry, Johnson is proud of her community-based sale in the Duncan-Lawton area, south of Oklahoma City. As the first Oklahoma franchise owner in March 2017, Johnson also has ambitious O-K dreams.


“After I discovered what a treasure consignment sales events are, I became a super-seller throughout the region, participating in about ten other sales in Oklahoma and Texas,” she says. “It is my mission to make sure families know about this smart business model and eventually take over the state with Kid’s Closet Connection sales.”


As mother to four in a blended family of eight children total, Johnson knows what it takes to make ends meet. “I wish I had known about these consignment sales when I was raising my older two children,” she says. “These sales are the ultimate in recycling. Sellers get rid of things their children have outgrown and people buy these near-new things at a fraction of the cost.”


Johnson’s sales are triple fun for her family, as three generations come together to help with her sales, including Johnson’s mother and children. “This is just a big circle connecting people to people,” she says. “I’m most excited to work with It’s From the Heart organization, who will take our donations after the sale and give it to local families who need items for their children. It’s not that long ago I was that mother in need of help myself and it feels good to be able to give back.”