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West Valley, AZ

Nov 16-18

Peoria Power Center

10310 N 91st Ave
Peoria, Arizona

Meet Your Sale's Owner

Candacé Richardson - - Mesa, Chandler and Northwest Phoenix, Arizona


Candacé Richardson practices connectivity - - both literally and virtually. Working a “high-tech” industry job by day, Candacé (pronounced Can-DAY-see) is also a “high-touch” hands-on owner of three Arizona Kid’s Closet Connection franchises.

Started by Ken Leathers in 2010, Candacé helped run the successful Arizona sales before becoming the franchise owner in Spring 2020. “My involvement with Kid’s Closet Connection is personal, since I started as a shopper, then became a fixture at the sales as a helper,” she said. “I really learned the business and got to know the sellers and shoppers, which makes for a seamless transition, as I now own the sales. 

The Kid’s Closet Connection online sales held during the pandemic are a piece of the business Candacé intends to grow. “As much as I love the in-person shopping experience, it is important to have that online shopping component, too,” she said. “I love connecting with the community and, also, supporting low-income and immigrant families by donating unsold items to those with the greatest need.”