Hutchinson, KS

Hutchinson Mall
1500 E 11th Ave
Hutchinson, Kansas 67501


Open to the Public:

Wednesday, __ 9am-7pm

Thursday, __  9am-7pm 

Friday, __ 9am-7pm (25% off most items)

Saturday, __, 9am-3pm (1/2 price day on most items)



Tuesday, __


2:00pm-9pm Premier Helper Presale! Helpers working two shifts. 

3:00pm-9pm Helper Presale Helpers working one shift.

4pm-9pm Consignor Presale


6pm-9pm   First Time Moms/Foster Moms/First Time Adoptive Moms Presale! - Register Now!
6pm-9pm Teachers/Military Presale- Register Now! 

1/2 Off Day Presale -- Friday, __, 2020


3pm-7pm ---1/2 Price Day Presale for: Helpers, Consignors, First Time Moms, Military, & Teachers


Consignor Drop Off


Monday, __ from 12pm-8pm

Tuesday, __ 9am-12pm


Consignor Pick Up

Saturday, __ from 7pm-9pm

All unsold items that are left after 9:00pm will be donated to our charity!

Please arrive no earlier than 7pm and no later than 8:15pm to pick up your unsold items.