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Beaver County, PA

September 28, 2023 - October 01, 2023

Big Knob Grange

336 Grange Rd.
Rochester, Pennsylvania 15074

Helper Details

Kid's Closet is seeking Helpers!

Help and you will be rewarded!!!

Our helpers are one of the most vital aspects of our sales. Our sales would not be possible without your help. That is why we feel it is so important to reward our helpers for the tremendous job they do.



1 Shift                                    Shop early at our Private Pre-Sale

                                               Earn 70% of your total Sales


2 Shifts                               Shop early at our Private Pre-Sale 

                                           Earn 70% of your total sales

                                            Get a free consignor fee




What to Expect & Helpful Hints


*Your hours do not need to be worked all in one day. You are welcome to choose a combination of shifts that work best for your schedule.


*Please arrive 15 minutes early for your shift. You will receive a name tag, an apron, and some training for your job assignment.


*Feel free to bring a snack and/or drink with you. Please leave all valuables at home. We do not have a safe place to store them while you help.


*All helpers should dress comfortably. For safety, please avoid wearing open-toed shoes.


*We expect you to work during your shift...not shop or look for items to purchase later. We also expect helpers to use their cell phones for emergencies only.


*If you are helping for set up and/or drop off days please make a time to drop your items either before or after your shift. You are volunteering for other mom's and the sale during your shift. This DOES NOT include dropping off your own items or putting your own items out on the sales floor.


*All helpers will sign out after their shift is complete.


*We also understand that your teenage children (16 or older), or spouse may want to help at the sale. We welcome the extra hands!  Just have them register for a shift as any helper would. Having your teenager and/or spouse help will count towards your total shift hours. Only 1 teenager helper will be allowed per consignor. Just email us to let us know the names of your family and what shifts they will be working so that we may combined your total hours.



*Consigning helpers that sign up and shop the presale then fail to show up for their shift will have $20 deducted from their consignment payout per shift that is missed. You will also NOT qualify for the monetary rewards listed above. Any helper that fails to work their shift and does not contact us will be prohibited from helping in future sales and have $20 deducted from your consignment payout per shift that is missed.





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Helpers must also be consignors. Contact your sale owner if you have any questions.

Drop off Helper
Put out VIP Items, Assist Consignors dropping off, Arrange items
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Drop off Helper
Put out VIP Items, Assist Consignors dropping off, Arrange items
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Drop off Helper
Put out VIP Items, Assist Consignors dropping off, Arrange items
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Prepare for Opening the sale
inspect clothing, arrange items and make the sale look AMAZING!
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Busiest shift of the sale, wear tennis shoes! Sort every item into consignor piles
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