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Des Moines, IA

Back to School Sale


Des Moines, Iowa 50315

Helper Details

We would love to have you help us before, during, or after the sale!

Sign Up to Help! 


 Sign up for up to 5 hours before, during, or after our Sales Event and receive $10 per hour added to your proceeds.


*Note:  The maximum amount consignors will receive for the shifts worked shall not exceed $50 or over 90% of proceeds. 

Please arrive about 5 minutes before your helper shift.
Please do not bring your children if you are scheduled to help out.

If you need to cancel helping, please do it at least one week before the sale, so we have time to find a replacement.
All additional proceed percentages for consignors will be adjusted AFTER the sale.

Should you fail to call in and do not fulfill your obligation, you will only receive earnings of 50%. 

Sign Up to Help Out

Helpers must also be consignors. Contact your sale owner if you have any questions.

Currently, there are no open jobs for this event. Please check back again!