Fayetteville, NC - Vendor and Sponsor Information

Show Case your business at our

Spring 2020

Kid's Closet Connection Sales Event




Deadline for Vendor Contracts - April 10, 2020

1. Vendor Booths are $200 for our 3-Day event - (May 8 - 10, 2020).

    2 Days of your choice is $175 and 1 Day of your choice is $150.00.

    Fee will increase to $250 after the April 10, 2020 deadline.

    **See our full Spring 2020 Schedule for exact dates and times of event**


2. Vendors are carefully screened and once approved will be notified.

    Approval is not a reservation for space. After approval a signed contract and

    payment is expected. We will reserve space for the vendor only after

    receiving contract with full payment.

    We accept ONLY one vendor per company/brand.


3. You will receive a $20 gift card to the sale if you would like to help out at the sale for a

    4 hour shift before or after our event.

    The maximum number of volunteer hours is 8 and a maximum gift card is $40.


4. You will need to provide your own table as we do not provide tables for you.

     We do have chairs available for you. ALL vendor spaces will be located outside of the building,

     on the lawn near the main entrance of the building. You may also bring a canopy for your space.


 5. Vendors may set up their booth Fri., May 8th, at 8:00am (1st day of sale, we open at 9am)


6. All vendors are required to post information about our sale and your attendance

    via their social media no less than 3 times during the advertising phase of

    our event, which is anytime 2 weeks prior to the sale and 2 times during the sale.


7. Although we love children vendors are not permitted to have children with them at

    their vendor booths. (Nursing mothers please contact us for special arrangements). 



**If you would like to participate in our

upcoming sale, please contact us right away

as our spaces fill up very quickly,**