Work With Perks!

July 17, 2024 - July 20, 2024

Wichita Sports Forum

2668 N Greenwich Rd

Wichita, Kansas 67226




We would love to have you help us before, during, or after the sale!

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  • Sign up for one shift before, during or after the sale and receive 70%* of your proceeds and get to shop at our Helper Presale, Tuesday, August 17th from 11:30am-9pm
  • Sign up for two shifts and receive 75%* of your proceeds and get to shop at our Premier Helper Presale, Tuesday, August 17th from 11am-9pm 


        8/9/21- EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: any helper who signs up and then cancels within 30 hours of their shift and does not find a suitable and age appropriate replacement will have their consingor earnings reduced to 50%.  Anyone who cancels a helper shift with MORE than 30 hours notice will not be penalized. 


*Note:  The maximum amount consignors will receive for each shift worked shall not exceeed $50 for a three hour shift.  This applies only to the second shift a consignor works.  Only consignors are allowed to help at events.  Childeren should not be brought to helper shifts.


Please arrive about 5 minutes before your shift.

Please do not bring your children if you are scheduled to help.

If you need to cancel helping, please do it at least one week before the sale, so we have time to find a replacement.



All additional proceed percentages for consignors will be adjusted AFTER the sale.



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No helper jobs are currently available.