South Fairfax County

We are in the process of selling our franchise. There will be no fall sale.

(Rte 50, 1 1/2 miles W of the Beltway)
Fairfax, Virginia 22031

Meet the Owner



Barbra Childs and Debora Richardson - - Clarke and South Fairfax Counties, Virginia
The disposition of Barbra and Debora at their Virginia Kid’s Closet Connection sales is always sunny and 75-degrees.
Barbra’s day job is in the field of meteorology, but she also likes to save money for a rainy day when shopping for her two children.
Debora takes an active approach to life, having taught Physical Education and swimming to children. After shopping for her two children at another Kid’s Closet Connection sale, Debora was so impressed that she joined forces with Barbra to purchase their first of two franchises in January 2012.
With complementary skill sets, the two mothers run successful sales in Virginia - - the state appropriately nicknamed, “The Mother of States.”