Lawrence, KS

March 26 - 28, 2015

Holiday Inn Convention Center
200 McDonald Drive
Lawrence, Kansas 66044

Meet the Owner


Sheryl and Jeff Day - - Lawrence, Kansas
Oh, Happy DAYS! That’s how you will feel after shopping at Sheryl and Jeff Day’s Kid’s Closet Connection Sale in Lawrence.
The Days are franchise owners who are growing their business to meet  their population. With the University of Kansas located in Lawrence, the Days have a section of their sale called College Closet,  which caters to young adults who also want to make money by selling clothes they no longer wear – - or pick up cool new clothes at a fraction of the retail cost!
Sheryl first got involved with Kid’s Closet Connection as a shopper. Then, when the opportunity came to buy the franchise, the Days already knew the sale’s top-drawer reputation. Their enthusiasm and excitement for the sales are even greater now that they are the owners. The Days are committed to making their Kid’s Closet Connection sales THE consignment events to attend in town.