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Joliet/Orland Park, IL

May 14, 2020 - May 16, 2020

Hallmark Sports Complex

10850 W Laraway Rd
Frankfort, Illinois 60423

Meet Your Sale's Owner



Cara Terrill and Heather Boe - - Joliet / Orland Park, Illinois


Friendship and a franchise blossomed after Heather and Cara became neighbors in 2008.


Their neighborly entrepreneurial ways merged in fall 2015 when Heather and Cara purchased the well-established southern Chicago suburb sale that had been successful for many, many years.


With a total of six children between them, both Cara and Heather left careers to be stay-at-home moms. But, being at home with their children hasn’t stifled the economic stimulus both gained by selling and shopping for items at the Kid’s Closet Connection sales.


“We were both passionate about the business and had been consignors for years at the Kid’s Closet Connection sale,” Cara says. “We saw the opportunity to grow the business and here we are today, business partners!”


Their sales - - the first one in Spring 2016  - - are  family affairs. Steve Terrill, Cara’s husband, is the franchise’s IT (Information Technology) guy, with his extensive background in computers. Jason Boe, Heather’s husband, is the franchise’s Handyman and is responsible for building and tearing down clothing racks.  Heather is happy to be the face of the franchise, and with her experience in elementary education, she is engaging and an excellent communicator with customer relations. Cara has a business management degree and worked as a Human Resource Specialist, so she knows how to keep the business-end organized and project manage the sales.


Both families are excited to have their children engaged in helping with the sales.


Extending their neighborly ways to the community at large is the mission of Cara and Heather’s Kid’s Closet Connection franchise. “Not only do we plan to run a successful business," Heather says. "We want our community to feel a part of it, too.”