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Schuylkill County

March 14, 2020 - March 15, 2020

Schuylkill Racquet Family Sports and Fitness

25 South Greenview Road
Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania 17961

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How to Consign with

Kid’s Closet Connection - Schuylkill County!


Please read below on this page and see what we do not accept.


New Consignors:

1. Register as a consignor
2. Select a drop off day and time in your control panel
3. Review the Acceptable Items and Merchandise Preparation links
4. Sign up to Volunteer to see how to reduce consignor fee and earn more than 65%
5. Contact us if you have any questions
6. Start Tagging!

7.  Too busy to tag?  Email us for information on our tagging service.
Registered Consignors:
·        Consignor fee is $10.00 per season sale   PLEASE SORT your items by gender and then size. This makes for easier and quicker drop-off and placement onto the sales floor.  A preaddressed stamped envelope is NOT needed.
·        Allow ample time for us to inspect your items at dropoff. Your items will be inspected for stains, cleanliness, holes, wear and tear and then YOU will need to assist with putting your items on the sales floor.  Clothing needs to be on hangers and anything that requires batteries must be working.  
·        Items we are currently NOT accepting:
·        We are NO LONGER accepting CAR SEATS OR BREAST PUMPS
·        Cribs manufactured before 6/28/11
·        VHS Tapes
·        Grab bags of toys
·        Stuffed animals (Maximum of 3 per consignor) - Must be in excellent condition (or a licensed character)
·        Outdated clothing or clothing with affiliated with vacation/destinations or clubs
·        Plush items without new tags (Must be new with tags!)
·        Used bike helmet
·        Bubbles
·        Swimming pools
·        Rafts
·        Twin or larger bed mattresses

·    Any recalled item. Check if an item is recalled on the recall list.
·        Plastic and wire hangers are allowed.

·        All clothes must be stain and hole free, freshly laundered, season appropriate and in gently used condition and put on hangers when dropped off.  We will NOT accept clothing that is not on hangers.
·        You may put onesie's, socks, shoes, small toys etc. in clear plastic bags. Please ensure that the bags are taped to eliminate items missing and a description of what exactly is in the bag is on the tag.
·        Shoes and cleats will need to be clean and secured by zip ties, ribbon or in Ziploc bags. Bags should be taped closed. Please affix tags on the inside of the bag for easy scanning. You may put onesie's, socks, shoes, small toys etc. in clear plastic bags.  Please ensure that the bags are taped to eliminate items missing.
·        Toys need to be clean with all pieces attached or included. All battery operated toys MUST have working batteries in them. Utilize Ziploc bags and zip ties. Outdoor toys (swings, slide, playhouses) should be clean and free of debris to appeal to shoppers!
·        Books should be strategically tagged as to not damage the book. Placing books in Ziploc bags will allow you to affix a tag on the outside of the bag, so you don’t have to tape it to the book itself.
·        Blankets should be placed in bags to prevent them from getting dirty. If bagged, please place tag on inside of the bag for easy scanning. If your item must be sanitized, please do not seal your bag.
All items will be thoroughly inspected at drop-off to ensure quality. 
            SPRING Sale – Winter Coats, snowpants, snowboots and Holiday items (Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years) are NOT accepted
            FALL Sale – Shorts (only accepting gym shorts), Easter outfits and swimsuits (or anything related to swimming) are NOT accepted
·        To comply with PA’s Bedding and Upholstery Law, during check-in to the sale, certain items must be disinfected and tagged by Kids Closet Connection label:
·        Upholstered furniture, crib mattresses & bedding, cradle/changing table pad, pillows, bedding, thick multi-layered blankets, comforters, stroller seats & padding, high chair seats, pack-n-plays, boppies, play mats, padded swings & bouncer seats.
·        Any item that has a white law label describing the item fabric and filling and which typically begins with a phrase such as “This tag may not be removed under penalty of law except by the consumer”.
·        It is the consignor’s responsibility to bring these items to the disinfecting area.  If the state inspector finds an untreated item, then the consignor who brought the items will be responsible for the violation fine per item {per Section 12 of the PA Bedding and Upholstery law fine of not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) or more than one hundred dollars ($100) for each offense}. If you are not sure if it needs sprayed, please bring the item to the disinfecting area.

               ·        Misses or adult clothing are not accepted.