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Late March 2020


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Seven Seller Steps

How to Become a Consignor

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Kid's Closet Connection is a convenient, fun and easy way to make money on your children's outgrown items.   

Seven Simple Steps to be a Seller:


1. Sign up to be part of a LOCAL SALE and register as a seller. You will create a username and password. 

2. Select a day and time when you will drop off your tagged items. 

3. Clean, package and/or hang your gently-used children's items. Enter individual items into your personal inventory with prices. Print individualized bar-coded tags and affix on items using safety pins or clear packing tape. 

4. Drop items off at designated place at the date and time you selected. Remember, you're joining forces with other sellers who will place tagged items on pre-marked tables and racks at the sale venue.

5. After the sale starts, watch your items sell online! The Kid's Closet Connection proprietary tagging system is accountable to the seller, so you know exactly what items have sold and how large your check will be at the end of the sale. 

6. When the sale is finished, if you are collecting leftover items, just print your unsold inventory and bring it with you to consignor pickup. Otherwise, know your unsold items will be donated to the sale's charity of choice. 

7. Receive a check of your proceeds within two weeks. Kid's Closet Connection sellers also make our sales' best SHOPPERS. Our sellers receive preferential treatment at a "Consignor Presale" before opening to the public. For additional perks, you can also be a HELPER; at the sale.


Click on our Consignor Registration Tutorial for a step by step guide on how to register to become a seller at our sales!