Sharon and Chris Smitka are the dynamic duo and merchandising masterminds behind the Kid's Closet Connection Sales.


What started as a small, independent consignment sale in a suburb outside of Kansas City in 2004, has grown into nationally-franchised business. The Smitkas still own and operate the bi-annual sale in the Overland Park, Kan., Convention Center.

Sharon is the Founder, and Managing Director of Kid's Closet Connection.  


Early on in her retail career, Sharon realized the importance of customer service. After graduating from the University of Kansas with a  Bachelor of Science-Business Administration from the University of Kansas, she worked for a large retail department store. It was there she learned that happy customers are sure to come back and shop, bringing friends and family with them!

Sharon then pursued a career in marketing after earning a Master's Degree in Business Administration-Direct Marketing from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  It was here she learned to maximize profits,by successfully targeting marketing efforts to those consumers who will most likely benefit from the goods or services you are providing. Sharon honed her marketing skills by working for the largest U.S. direct marketing company in Dallas. She also worked with numerous national clients on marketing campaigns and strategies.


The seed for the Kid's Closet Connection sales was planted when Sharon stayed at home to raise two daughters. Here, she learned the importance of stretching a dollar by shopping at other consignment sales in the Omaha, Neb., area, which the Smitkas called home for ten years. Originally from the Kansas City area, the Smitkas decided to start their own consignment sale brand.  This perfectly blended her skills in retail, resale, direct-marketing, while still being able to stay at home with her children.

Chris is President and Director of Kid's Closet Connection. A Mechanical Engineer by trade, Chris designed the trademark shelving and rack units used by Kid's Closet Connection. He also oversaw the development of the proprietary bar-coded scanning system, which tracks sales online for sellers and also makes check-out easier for shoppers.